Jarfa's Cuculus Canorus "Käki"

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On can say that I am an immigrant from Finland, because that`s where I am born.

I`m a well proportioned girl with strong roots in the finnisk birch tree. My parents are both born and raised in Finland.

I am a lively, crazy, stubborn, curious and loving puppy.

My coach says, that I have a mild mind and that I`m a very quick learner.

I`m good at playing by myself with sticks and balls, I have a good drive, when I`m running.

Jarfa's Cuculus Canorus (Käki)

Born 11 november 2015


AD: 1

Prcd/PRA: free from inheritance

Pompes: free from inheritance

ECVO tested without remarks, 8 nov 2017

Mental test: 25 jun 2017