Walther "Chanca"

Finnish Lapphunds are very different, not just in the colour, but also in the mind.

"I was, for instance, black with bright markings as a puppy, Today I have changed to a copper glow, which you can see nicely in the sun. Probably I inherited the colour from my father Finda Mikkel.

By the way I have also inherited my calm temperament from my father.

I am very athletic which is expressed when I do agility or jump on the cliffs on Bornholm.

I love water and swim like a dolphin. I`m  very gentle when it comes to mating, one can say I`m a gentleman".

Chanca ½ year
Chanca 1½ year
Chanca 9 months
Chanca 1½ year
Chanca 3½ yrs


Born 11.10.2013


Prcd/PRA: Clear by parents

Pompes: Clear

ECVO tested march 2015, without remarks

Mental test september 2015