Kennel Lapinkoira-Koch - Welcome

On this homepage you can read about Kennel Lapinkoira Koch, see our lovely dogs and read the news about puppies, exhibions and kennel related items.

My name is Sanne Marie and my husband's name is Henrik.

We both come from the Island of Bornholm, but now we live in Præstø on South Zealand. We are both  +50 years and our two lovely kids have left home. Now we have spare time, to work with our beautifull dogs.

We got our first male Walther, aka "Chanca" in december 2013 and shortly after, we started to think about getting an exstra dog. This time a bitch, for a future litter with Chanca. After about 1 year of research and many contacts, we got Jarfa's Cuculus Canorus, aka "Käki" in january 2016, our first little bitch of finnish lapphund. During the vinter 2016 we got our second bitch, again imported from Finland. Katajavaaran Queen Peippo arrived at our home shortly after Christmas 2016.

Finally we can say wellcome to our youngest bitch.

We are so proud that we could get some offspring from Kennel Lihkku´s Girongårdens Obelix aka. Raiku and Kennel Finda's Finda Troya. Her name is Finda Leija and she was born 23th of march 2018

In the month of march 2022 we got a bitch, called Sia, from Kennel Dompel Dimpel. She lives very close to our kennel, hence we can visit her very often. 

During the summer of 2023 we took over Kennel Krible-Krable's Saga Knytlingemø i a shared ownership with Hanne Bierring. On at daily basis Saga lives with Hanne and Claus.

Saga is born august 14, 2019.

I have got the education of Danish breeders in the Danish Kennel Klub and we are working to be breeders of healthy and typical dogs of finnish lapphund.

In the autumn 2019 we got a puppy after Chanca and Käki, which we kept as our own breed.

He is called Kennel Lapinkoira-Koch's Adorable Zodiac and he is stationed at our own daughter's in Næstved.

Walther (Chanca)

Finda Leija

Jarfa's Cuculus Canorus (Käki)

Katajavaaran Queen Peippo (Pepe)

Lapinkoira-Koch's Adorable Zodiac

Part of our house and our cat with kittens