Our dogs

v. Sanne Marie og Henrik Rømer Koch, Kornhøjvej 3, 4750 Lundby, tlf.+45 26 11 21 17,+45 26 20 75 17, E-mail: romerkoch@gmail.com

We have five Finnish Lapphunds.

Walther aka "Chanca" is our first Lapp, born on the 11th oktober 2013.

Jarfa's Cuculus Canorus aka "Käki" is our first bitch, born 11th november 2015.

Katajavaaran Queen Peippo aka "Peippo" is our second bitch, born 24th october 2016

Finda Leija is our third bitch, born 23th march 2018

Lapinkoira-Koch's Adorable Zodiac, born 18th september 2019

You can see their pedigree and pictures below their names - see the next pages.

Chanca 6 måneder

Chanca 4½ years old.

Finda Leija 8 weeks old

Käki 2½ years old

Zodiac 9 months

Peippo 16 months old